My name is Carol D’Elisiis.  Two and half years ago we started the harrowing journey of trying to take  care of my mom at her home.  We succeeded for about 6 months, but with her dementia setting in we finally had to come to the realization that she needed 24/7 care which we could not provide. The complex world we live in today makes it very difficult for family members to care for their loved ones in their homes due to access in their homes, finances, and most of all, time.  We started the search for a nursing home and in that process I found how complex and emotional it is. Before Covid everything seemed as well as could be expected, but during and after Covid I have and will continue to advocate for our loved ones.  They deserve better care and respect in these nursing homes.

              As I know the emotional and stressful toll it is on your loved one and family, I want to be of assistance to anyone that would like it.

              We want to make the transition period as easy as possible.  We want our loved ones to continue to have the quality of life they deserve, the care and respect they deserve.


Disclaimer:  I am not an attorney or a medical professional– I am just assisting and offering guidance as I went through it all.


Carol D'Elisiis and mother



Image by Chris Chow

Kristen, NY

Carol was wonderful! She was so compassionate and had a wealth of information. She connected us with an aide (which are few and far between during Covid) to help us care for my Mom. We couldn’t be happier with her assistance. She truly cares about the circumstances we are in and I love her passion for helping the elderly. I can’t recommend her enough!

Matthew, NY

Carol has been incredibly responsive and has had ideas about a meaningful course of action since day one. We’re just getting started in this part of our families journey and knowing we have someone in our corner is helpful.